Mercury Network

Power Tip:  Getting the best appraiser every time

Our last Power Tip covered vendor performance statistics (click here to see it), so here we'll show you how to use a vendor's past performance, plus your own priorities, so Mercury Network can help you choose the best appraiser for every assignment.
You only need to set it up once. Just click on Preferences at the top of your toolbar, and choose Vendor Selection Settings.
Drag and drop these to prioritize. You'll see several options that will give you total control.  You can:
  • Require a valid license (Mercury Network checks licenses against every day)
  • Require E&O, minimum years of experience, select their ideal proximity to your subject property, and much more.

Plus, you can select factors that are important to you, and drag and drop to prioritize.  Set it up once, and the system will rank your vendors for each job based on how they stack up to your priorities, so you can choose the best vendor every time.

(Click here to see the full-size screen.)

Want to know more about using Mercury Network or do you have a question?  Let us know at or call your client relations team at 1-888-794-0455.