Mercury Network

Power Tip:  Vendor performance at a glance

Get performance stats for all your vendors in a few clicks.  From order acceptance rates, to rework rates, to fees paid, it's all at your fingertips so you can make assignment decisions based on past performance with your orders.
To see the data, click on the Statistics tab of the vendor's profile.

You'll see data for all orders assigned to them.  You can filter by county, product type, and time period, and even export to Excel or a PDF.  The statistics tab has:

  • Order acceptance rates
  • Rework rates
  • On-Time report delivery rates
  • Average report turn time
  • Total fees paid to that vendor

Click here to learn more about the statistics tab.  To make sure you're sending assignments to your ideal vendors, click here to see how to adjust your selection settings based on performance statistics.

Want to know more about using Mercury Network or do you have a question?  Let us know at or call your client relations team at 1-888-794-0455.